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FAT Service Booking is WordPress plugin that provide you an automated booking and online scheduling of your services. It scans calendars for availability and extract free times. You control how customers can book the open time slots. FAT Service is made for large teams with easy control to your service, customer, calendar and your staff. You can track the appointments in calendar view. It provider monthly, weekly, daily and timeline view type for calendar, and can be filtered by employee, location, service or service category.

Frontend demo |
Backend demo user: demo/demo


  • Re-schedule: Allows admin to easily update booking times
  • Mutiple booking days: Added option to allow booking multiple days per service
  • Time zone : Update time zone for export google calendar
  • Display order: Add a display order option for each service in the reservation form

The new version has some changes in the database and it require to deactivate, delete the plugin and reinstall. Don’t worry, your configuration and data are kept when deactivating and deleting the plugin. Do not upload folder to your hosting

FAT Service is apply for

  • Spa salon: Provider a powerful salon tool for booth renters, large salons, and multi-locations. 24/7 scheduling, email marketing, reports and so much more.
  • Gym & sports: Has everything you need to manage your business. Allow client can be choose, book online and process payments.
  • Clinic: Makes it easy to schedule clients, get booked online, send automatic reminders.
  • Consultants: Booking and scheduling for meeting with consultant. who provides expert advice in a particular area.
  • Beauty salons: Schedule clients, market your makeup studio, get booked online, send automatic reminders and process payments.
  • Repair centers: Show your services, scans calendars for availability and extract free times, allow select time and booking repair schedule.

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Fat Services Booking - Automated Booking and Online Scheduling - 7

Key Features

  • Multipurpose booking
  • Multi booking days
  • Easy appointment scheduling
  • Fully responsive clean design
  • Coupon and discount code
  • Import and Export data
  • Export to iCalendar and Google calendar
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Paypal, Stripe, myPOS, przelewy24, Onsite payment
  • WPML Support
  • Email Templates configuration
  • Configurable schedules and days-off
  • Multiple Bookings
  • Compatible with WPBakery Page Builder
  • Ready for translation
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Customize booking form. See here
  • Booking history and cancel booking at frontend


  • How to create services
  • How to create employee
  • How to manager appointment with calendar
  • How to create and manager appointment in backend

Change Log

Version: 4.8(06-Sep-2022)

  • Update email template encoding

Version: 4.7(24-Dec-2021)

  • Fix not switching to Calendar tab after paying via Stripe

Version: 4.6(09-Nov-2021)

  • Fix time slot for step shortcode

Version: 4.5(12-Oct-2021)

  • Fixed day off is invalid on Safari

Version: 4.4(04-Sep-2021)

  • Fix time slot for button shortcode
  • Change the phone field form text to number

Version: 4.3(20-Aug-2021)

  • Fix service work day

Version: 4.2 (13-July-2021)

  • Add time to employee’s day off

Version: 4.1 (01-July-2021)

  • Fixed multiple days for one service layout
  • Fixed double total cost if re-choose date time

Version: 4.0 (14-June-2021)

  • Fixed ‘Appointments already booked’ error when booking an appointment for an employee who selected ‘Applies to all services’ in the employee schedule

Version: 3.9 (03-June-2021)

  • Add hide employee option for step, step vertical, services, service no tab layout

Version: 3.8 (10-May-2021)

  • Fix date-time format for Calendar, Booking and Insight screen

Version: 3.7 (06-April-2021)

  • Update phone number, time slot style
  • Add ‘Appointment booked’ message to payment setting

Version: 3.6 (04-March-2021)

  • Fix link for email template

Version: 3.5 (16-Feb-2021)

  • Fix multiple booking when paying via Paypal or Stripe

Version: 3.4 (01-Feb-2021)

  • Add category id to the shortcode. It only displays services under this category id

Version: 3.3 (30-Dec-2020)

  • Fix validate minimum and maximum service for booking

Version: 3.2 (15-Dec-2020)

  • Fix service working day for calendar service shortcode

Version: 3.1 (29-Otc-2020)

  • Fix send mail after change booking status

Version: 3.0 (15-Otc-2020)

  • Add display order option for the service
  • Fix time zone for export google calendar
  • Add multiple booking days
  • Add re-schedule for booking at backend

Version: 2.11 (16-Sep-2020)

  • Fixed an issue where the date is not displayed when viewing booking details in the calendar

Version: 2.10 (11-Sep-2020)

  • Add option limit cancel booking before (hours)
  • Add pagination and booking status for history page
  • Add login/signup form

Version: 2.9 (06-July-2020)

  • Update ‘Services duration’

Version: 2.8 (06-July-2020)

  • Add option time slot format: 24h or 12h

Version: 2.7 (16-June-2020)

  • Add new booking layout (step vertical layout)
  • Allow multiple location for employee
  • Responsive for backend

Version: 2.6 (06-June-2020)

  • Add option display ‘From name’ instead of ‘From email’ for default mailer
  • Update ‘used count’ field in listing coupon screen
  • Hide payment method if price is 0
  • Fix date time picker for booking form builder in step layout

Version: 2.5 (03-June-2020)

  • Add option enable/disable require email in booking form
  • Add phone country code for booking form

Version: 2.4 (01-June-2020)

  • Add category and location filter to shortcode services and services-no-tab

Version: 2.3 (27-May-2020)

  • Update time slot disable for booking button shortcode
  • Fix validate time slot available
  • Add email template for backend

Version: 2.2 (21-May-2020)

  • Add new layout: Allows selection of service, date and time period. Displays a list of available employees
  • Add date time ranger filter in booking list and export booking instead of only date range
  • Add option show/hide time slot not available on booking form

Version: 2.19 (09-May-2020)

  • Fixed time slot for Safari
  • Add duration time step. Default time step is 15 minutes, now you can change from 5, 10, 15, 20 .. minutes

Version: 2.18 (05-May-2020)

  • Add przelewy24 payment gateway

Version: 2.17 (10-Feb-2020)

  • Add price package
  • Fix missing booking form on some theme

Version: 2.16 (04-Dec-2019)

  • Add option show/hide payment method on booking form
  • Fix date picker conflict on some theme

Version: 2.15 (29-Nov-2019)

  • Add SMS notification after create appointment

Version: 2.14 (21-Nov-2019)

  • Add service extra for all shortcode

Version: 2.13 (14-Nov-2019)

  • Improvement send mail after create appointment

Version: 2.12 (10-Oct-2019)

  • Add booking form builder field’s value to email template

Version: 2.11 (04-Oct-2019)

  • Add limit/unlimit user who can create appointment
  • Allow defined tax instead of fix 0%, 5%, 10%
  • Add shortcode for site only have one service and one provider

Version: 2.10 (30-Sep-2019)

  • Update time ranger for booking shortcode: Display time base on format 08:00 – 08:45 instead of 08:00
  • Update paypal api and send notification email after payment is completed instead of before
  • Add sort feature by date for list appointment in backend

Version: 2.9 (26-Sep-2019)

  • Add working day limit for services

Version: 2.8 (20-Sep-2019)

  • Integrated myPOS gateway
  • Update coupon

Version: 2.7 (10-Sep-2019)

  • Update Stripe payment

Version: 2.6 (02-Sep-2019)

  • Add option change time slot. default it is 15 minutes, now you can change from 15 -> 60 minutes
  • Fix error booking on some theme
  • Update limit service in counpon feature

Version: 2.5 (27-Aug-2019)

  • Add option enable/disable onsite payment
  • Add booking popup shortcode

Version: 2.4 (20-Aug-2019)

  • Fix missing service at frontend

Version: 2.3 (12-Aug-2019)

  • Add one service layout for client who only have one service
  • Add booking history at frontend
  • Add cancel booking at frontend

Version: 2.2 (08-Aug-2019)

  • Update form builder for shortcode

Version: 2.1 (07-Aug-2019)

  • Fix missing service when create employee

Version: 2.0 (06-Aug-2019)

  • Customize booking form via form builder

Version: 1.0 (26-July-2019)

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