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What is GPL License?

What does the GPL License mean?

BestWP GPL is completely legal. The GPL license applies to all themes and plugins (General Public License). You may use them as frequently as you want and on as many other websites as you desire.

Is it true that BestWP GPL provides licensing keys?

License keys are not provided, leased, released, or resold by us. The GNU General Public License governs all of the items available on this website (GPL). Regardless of how many products you require, you do not require licensing keys to utilize your projects.

If you want to receive automatic updates and assistance from the author of a plugin or theme, you’ll need a license key.

Is it legal to use the files and downloads?

Yes, all of the themes, plugins, add-ons and WooCommerce extensions available in our repository are 100% open-source and licensed under the GNU GPL.

Is this a real item?

Yes, each and every one of our items is genuine. We have an active subscription to the author of a product if we feature it on our website (s). We obtain the goods from them and distribute them to you. These downloads haven’t been tampered with in any manner.

Are you the one who created these files?

Third-party developers, such as WordPress, WooCommerce, WooThemes, Elegant Themes, Rocketgenius Inc., GravityForms, iThemes, OnTheGoSystems, AppThemes, and others, are not linked, associated, authorized, approved, or in any way related to BestWP GPL.

Can I use the plugin or theme on many sites?

You may have as many as you want. There are no strings attached. The plugins and themes are GPL-licensed, which means you can use them as much as you want on as many sites as you want. Do you have a buddy who is working on a website? They can also use our plugins and themes.


Do you keep the items up to date?

Yes. We download an update from the author and update it on our site as soon as we are told about it.


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Knowledge base

What is GPL?

GPL or General Public License, sometimes also called GNU GPL, is that the most ordinarily used free software license. it had been written by Richard Stallman of Free Software Foundation for GNU Project. This license allows the software to be freely used, modified, and redistributed by anyone. WordPress is additionally released under the GPL license, which suggests that WordPress is open-source software that will be used, modified, and extended by anyone.
The WordPress project considers GPL license to be its philosophical equivalent of the bill of rights. It provides the core basic values that the project believes in.

  • Anyone can download and run the software
  • Anyone can modify it
  • Anyone can redistribute free copies of the software
  • Anyone can distribute modified versions of the software.

One of the first aspects of the GPL is that it uses something referred to as copyleft. Copyleft may be a play on the word copyright, but the concept is extremely similar. Basically, it uses copyright law to guard modified versions of a piece but requires equivalent protections to be applied to those versions. For this reason, any work-supported WordPress inherits the GPL license. This has caused some controversy as some companies and individuals tried to sell WordPress Themes and Plugins under non-compliant licenses. However, there’s a robust sentiment among the community to guard the WordPress bill of rights. The WordPress project co-founder Matt Mullenweg is extremely vocal about it.